Friday, May 30, 2008

Bike polo. 8 hour bike races.

Even though bikesnob makes fun of it. Even though it is as hip as riding a fixed gear with tight shorts and no helmet without brakes. Even though it could be a pre 80's night leg warm up, it is FUN. The kids play at the hockey rink under the Bloomfield bridge Thursdays at 6pm. I thought it was going to be all dudes in girls pants riding brakeless fixed gears, but I was totally wrong. Games are like 10 - 15 minutes each, and require tons of skill and are actually kind of tiring. I will go back.

Mohican 100 is less than 24 hours away. 6 hours of driving for 8 hours of racing. That is a good ratio. I have unobtainable goals: to not flat. I just want the chance to see how I can do if I dont have bad luck, that is simple enough right? I am also curious as to what a 100 dollar entry fee is good for. I guess a buck a mile is standard for a bike race, but I still dont have a course map or elevation profile. I asked Wes the conquerer if he was doing it and he responded with "Oh man, I think that course was very poorly marked last year." Awesome, cause I get lost on courses that ARE marked. We shall see, we shall see. Amy still has the voice mail from after the Wilderness 101 where I sound like a zombie and just kept saying "that was so hard... that was so hard..."
I could always SACK OUT like Gunnar and do the 100k. I guess that is wrong of me, because the 100 mile would be a 100 k for him with the shortcuts he would find. Lord only knows what a 100k will end up being for him.(never letting it go)


bjanaszek said...

So did you feel like the $120 fee for the 101 was worth it?

gunn4r said...

Thanks for the press Steve-0!

I still heart you!

Only cause I'm still sick man. Damn these Spring colds and such.

Remember though, even when I'm ill I keep my eyes OPEN and ready for opportunity!

Be true though, never let go, never let go...

zayne braun said...

firstly---fiendracer is a SACK, but a kinda loveable sack. just kinda.

secondly---i'm pretty sure they (mohican organizers) have their shit together, but still keep your eyes open. especially on long climbs. if you came out for the rocktober challenge a couple weeks ago you'd have thought you were lost. long sections with no arrows just following tire tracks.

gunn4r said...

Steve0 you left yet?

Goose *just* got here! POC.

But believe it or not, we are ready except for him. Which *never* happens.

Well save us a camping spot, if for nothing else, you can heckle us in the morn.

Yeah, thanx.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

dude, mt. bike polo is soooo last december.