Saturday, May 24, 2008

Unselfish bike racer stuff.

Bike racers are the worst. Colin had a post a long time ago about how they are like infants and just baby themselves constantly. Not only that, but they are pretty hedonistic ("training" 15 hours a week is a lot different than doing push ups or something for 15 hours)...

Anyway. Three cool things that I have come upon (I am sure there are a million more, these are kind of local) that cyclists are doing in no particular order are:

- Miles 4 melanoma is a bike ride from Ohio to Argentina. That is long. They are trying to raise money for cancer research.

Elves and more race team is a team in Ohio/PA that are raising awareness for their title charity. The charity distributes thousands of bikes to underprivileged kids for the holidays. Pretty rad.

Speedgoat Bike raffle. This is a good thing to give money to if you are a bike racer, because you have a chance of getting something back so its not really like giving at all. Joking. For reals, 10 bucks gives you the chance to win a Niner. How many races will you enter that you have no chance of even making your entry fee back, but yet you will give 40 dollars to get shelled.

Thanks to ruggs for getting me off my ass and finally posting. I have been out of town hosting a bike trip with senior citizens.

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Thanks a bunch for the link, Steevo! -Kevin