Friday, May 02, 2008

To complete my Bohemian lifestyle...

Well the whole jock thing isnt really so Bohemian and I really have to maintain street credibility or I might be labeled a gentrifier or something, so occasionally I will write some thoughts down. I shot some over to Brad at Urban Velo. I could literally throw something to his house, as he is just 2 blocks over, but I am actually too lazy and just email it. Anyway, the magazine is a collaboration between himself and Jeff. Both are Pittsburgh dudes who put together a sweet magazine that revolves around what I would call the "urban cycling lifestyle." I dont really know how else to describe it. It encompasses anything from Alley Cat races, to commuter bikes with fenders and generator hubs to bike polo; just general bike love.

Bikes = awesome. People doing creative things = awesome. People doing creative things involving bikes = 2x awesome (Dr. Stubna, please check my math?)

Anyway, I summed up the last 6 years of my life in like 800 words for the May issue. As one of the cheapest people alive, I really appreciate the fact that you can download the magazine for free online.

Download it here in html or pdf

Yes, Erok, I pee my pants a bit before each race.


Jason said...

Nice Steevo!

erok said...

i knew it. i really liked the article, btw.

Anonymous said...


DaedalusVelo said...

hey Steevo,

I just found your blog thanks to John Brewer, a Squadra Coppi teammate and 'crosser madman. I met you at the Dirty Dozen and the Coppi CX race last Fall.

I'm riding home 200 miles from DC to Pittsburgh on Friday (Be my 5th time). After reading your magazine article it really hit home: I love cycling and the pure freedom. People talk weight, carbon, this, that. I just ride. And race, and have fun, and enjoy life. Cycling is life. It's more than a religion.

I was a messenger here in DC in December. I didn't like it that much; too many interruptions. I wanted to ride, not stop and go every 5 minutes.

If you're free this weekend or early next week we should go on a ride. I'm planning, with a few friends, to travel the US and make a documentary. By bicycle, obviously. I could get some good information from you on packing and the cycling logistics.

Take care, bro.


Anonymous said...

...don't do it Steve

FJ said...

Awesome stuff Steevo. I really enjoyed your article.

crs said...

Well said Steevo!!! Sorry you missed the turn Saturday too.