Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bromance. Road Trip.

Broing down hard the last bunch of days.
Limited internerd time is a good thing. Maximum ride time is a good thing.

Matt flew in Friday night.

Saturday we rode roaring run. We swam naked under a waterfall. I got attacked by a snake and had to shimmy up a rope to avoid it circling around me while my "friends" laughed and didnt chase it away. We hit a gnarly restaurant in Apollo and got more food for 50 dollars than I could buy at KML (expired food store where I shop).

Sunday we met up with pROwley at Bavington for a crazy fast fun ride. Drove back to the Burgh on fumes with the gas light on (sorry amy), ate food and headed to frick for an evening ride. Frick is rad, but gets super boring alone. It was funny seeing how stoked matt was on it. It made me restoked for it.

Monday we headed to State college in the afternoon and rode Tussey Mountain. We stopped by nitanny wheelworks where the dude printed out a map for us. We hooked up with BAR warrior Straub and roached beds off of him.

Tuesday was Rothrock. Tons of rad stuff. Way more my style than the Tussey stuff. Twisty turny singletrack with isolated rock gardens. Rad long ride.
We drove back to State College in time to ride the Tuesday shorttrack ride/race thing. Some dude who runs it was CRAZY fast through these woods. You could only pedal one time before another turn hit you. It was hard and fun. LONG day.

Weds was traveling to the Lehigh Valley where Matt is from. We hung with his friends and went out with another former BMX guy for some trail riding, but flats and darkness prevented it. We turned it into bunnyhopping stuff and sprinting around Allentown for a bit.

Today we rode Salisbury trails in Bethlehem. A dude met up with us and led the ride. He was on an "all mountain" specialized and could ride over boulders downhill at like 50. It was a rad trail system. Tonight we will head to the trails behind Lehigh university.

-The prius is averaging 56.6 mpg.
-All of Matt's childhood friends have hand, neck, or face tattoos
-Said friends also own crazy businesses and are more successful than most

Pennsyvlania Mountain Bike Tour 2009 is 1/2 over.
Matt has a non analog camera, so pictures are coming. Rad.

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