Friday, August 22, 2008

So I am an old man.

In 1 day I wrote the following letters.

- Post-Gazette: telling them that the shooting on mine and babik's street was in Bloomfield, not Lawrenceville as the title of the article stated. They really cant seem to get it right.

- Whole foods: telling them that their peanut butter has gone up 60 cents per 18/oz in the last 6 months while Trader Joe's has only gone up a dime. I dont understand how that is possible.

- Trader Joes: telling them the same thing, also saying that their bagels have gone from 1.99 to 2.29 in the last week. I used to buy their crappyish bagels for 2 bucks, but now they are almost the same price as day old Brueggers bagels, which are better and have 1.5 times as many calories!!!

- Called 311 (mayor's non emergency complaint line) to complain about the debris in the yard of the crackhouse across the street. They dont really care about crack dealing apparently, but when I complain about debris the landlords show up to clean it up.

- Post-Gazette: 2 letters in one day. This one got published. THEY PUT BLOOMFIELD IN THE ADDRESS!!!!! I swear they did it just to screw with me. Oh well at least the angry yizner mobs will be off by at least 1 block when looking for me.

Last night I was eating spoonfuls of peanut butter out of the jar when babik texted me and said he and Rob were doing Dirty Dozen hills. Weird.


Anonymous said...

Rowley told me he's been doing secret training on the dd hills, sometimes doing each of them twice. Get nervous, skinny.

Chris Mayhew said...

I think we should all start texting you at all hours saying we're doing DD hills.

If it makes you feel better, I'm 10% down on last years numbers for the DD.

The Captain said...

I don't know if these are things an old man does but they are definitely things a woman does.

08 dd winner said...

dd hills already? shit.