Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things have come full circle.

ACA Zoo Crits 1975.
Far left: Tom Chew
Far right: Matt Eaton

Check out Tom Chew. If you could steal him from this photo and put him at the oval on a Tuesday night, or Friday night (4/5 race or fixed gear Fridays). He would not stand out.

-Shaggy hair? Check
-Cycling Cap? Check
-Cap pulled low in the front? Check
-Wool cycling jersey? Check
-TIGHT pants? Check

Modern retro is so in.


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Good stuff.


brian said...

But when does the hockey helmet make a comeback?

Anonymous said...

looks like we got a peugot uo8 ,a couple paramounts & perhaps a raleigh international ...those were the dayz