Monday, December 14, 2009

packing my bags.

So the no bike riding continues this week as I head out to hike the 70 mile Laurel Highlands Trail from Ohiopyle to Johnstownish. Starting Wednesday morning.

Things that might hold me back:
- I developed a head cold in the last 24 hours
- I have never hiked in the snow
- I have never camped in the winter (have camped in 20 degree September at 10,000 feet, but technically not winter)
- I have not done a hike longer than 4 days
- I have to start with 14 lbs of food.
Things I have going for me:
- I would like to make it.

The head cold is the only thing that really concerns me at this point.

I have food packed. Gear packed, and am ready to roll. I have invested 40 dollars in this at this point, so I am going to go for it even if I am sick.

-Bag: North face bag borrowed from my bro
-Snowshoes: Yakima ebay specials for 60 dollars that are 9 years old
-boots: North Face fancy winter boots from REI outlet at 60 bucks.
-Bivy: North face Trek Bivy. Allegedly good down to like 0.
-Bag: Old campmor down bag rated to 20.
-pad: there is only room for my therma rest extra light
-stove: decided to take my MSR pocket rocket ISO stove. Shouldnt be cold enough to freeze the fuel.
-msr miniworks water prufier

It is going to be 25-33 degrees the whole time. I am only afraid of like 34 degree rain. With that fear in mind I packed a heavy parka that is waterproof and breathable, and also some Pearl Izumi Amphib gloves.

I bought an orange hat and have an orange vest to wear so when I get shot it isnt actually my fault.

Breakfast - 6 days of oatmeal+raisins+peanutbutter+sugar
Coffee- stoked to have my titanium french press!
Lunch - 6 days of whole wheat tortillas with raisins and peanutbutter
Dinner - 6 days of couscous with prepacked lentil indian meals on top
Snacks - dried mangos, gorp, nuts, chocolate

Weather is as good as it can be.

All the dudes are already doing base and serious bike racer stuff. I am falling behind. Whatever. Adventure is good right? Hopefully I dont get too sick and can finish.

Speaking of bike racing... I really thought Wells would win nationals. Happy to see Johnson there though. He seems like a good guy, however Wells did ride our BMX trails 15 years ago.


Chris Mayhew said...

I liked it better when you were going to use the vests from the track for safety.

You want rainpants? Neoprene gloves? Plastic press pot?

steevo said...

I bought an orange hat and have an orange vest

have an orange vest = have aca's vest

Spice said...

here's Ed's number 412-dick-head

call him to pick you up when you get bored and cold. I'm sure he can squeeze you in, with his busy schedule.

Good luck.

Matt said...

20 degrees? I think we got down to 12.
Titanium french press??? whoa dude. worth it, I'm sure.