Thursday, December 24, 2009

Somali xmas rager.

So Amy's mom convinced her coworkers that instead of buying each other scented candles and lottery tickets, or whatever crap office workers buy one another, they should all sponsor a Somali refugee from the hood (mine and Amy's neighbors.)In years past we had just donated used toys and things, which was awesome, but this year each kid got to open a new gift. All 14 of them. Some people from outside her office gave Amy's mom money, with which she bought a shop n save gift card for the Grandma/Matriarch of Little Somalia.

They were all really stoked and it was a good time. Somehow my favorite dude didnt end up with a gift. I bought him a 7 dollar soccer ball. Best 7 dollars spent in a long time.

Photo Summary:
We had pizza. We opened gifts. We had them write and read thank you cards. Oriel, my brother in law who is black but not Somali, told stories about fishing on his Island to the kids. Santa showed up. We had cake.

Little Ibihim fell asleep so hard in the car on the way home he was snoring like an adult. I carried him to his door. He woke up and said "Where is my train..." That is nice.


Jon Chodroff said...

That's awesome! You and Amy are great!

Manicmtbr said...

I concur. It is always nice to see what you do for your neighbors there. I am a little concerned with your short sleeves though. Did you guys actually turn the heat up???

Merry Christmas!

steve k! said...

i love these posts every christmas.

Bryan Routledge said...

Merry Christmas, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I think I respect you more for good heart, than I do for the way you ride that bike....So considering what a Bad Ass you are...your way up there Dude.

P.S. Amy 2