Monday, May 11, 2009

Productive day....

6:45 - awake
7:00 - French toast and french pressed coffee and npr
7:45 - clean bike, clean chain, make it look nice and run smooth
8:25 - put on superhero outfit,plan food, make bottles.
8:45 - roll out to ride to Alliquipa crit.
8:47 - see the dude who has been riding around town with a car bumper on his bicycle. He is a crazy man, possibly with gold teeth, with the font end of a car strapped around his handlebars. I wish I had a photo. He was rolling up the bike lane by my house.
9:00 - meet steve k
10:20 - get to quip crit. took 10 minutes longer due to head winds. dang.
12:00 - sprint in the hoods as usual. Ride home. 4 + hours in for today.
1:45 - Arrive home, walk to gas station to buy chocolate milk and diet pop
2:15 - Start weeding the garden. This was way harder than the bike race. I had gloves and everything, but the weeds still pricked me.
3:45 - Four garbage bags of weeds later, I decide to till the garden with a shovel.
4:15 - Clean myself up for Mothers day dinner
4:30 - make brownies for said dinner
5:00 - RAGE with little Somalia. I say rage because they have enough energy to power a small city. There were maybe 8 kids out, maybe 4 pairs of shoes between all of them, and they were making enough noise that I could hear them over the shower with the window closed.

At some point my Mom arrived and we went to my brothers.
At some point Amy made fun of me to my mom and explained why I had three tan dots on my bad head and explained its because of my helmet and the sun. Sister in law laughs a ton and says she was wondering what it was, but didnt want to ask.



TerribleTerry said...

What you planting in your garden?

the whiner said...

I saw bicycle/car bumper guy flying down the Bloomfield Bridge the other day... taking up a whole lane, because he IS as wide as a car.

Anonymous said...

Hey what Star Trek aliens are you and Jake?

Anonymous said...

just wait till ya have kids & race bikes...that would be a typical day..

Anonymous said...

someone needs to send that picture to bikesnob NYC.

Anonymous said...

We here in Newfoundland think Jake is less bald than you are on an age-adjusted scale.