Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You think "I shoud race mountain bikes more often"

Then you have a mechanical in the middle of the woods and you are on the rivet and you cant think straight more or less fix your rear derailer so you finish the last 45 minutes of the race with 3 speeds: 11x22, 11x32, 11x42.

However, I must say that the local offroad races (local being within a 3 hour drive) are awesome. This was my first OMBC (ohio mountain bike championships?) race. It was awesome. It was at a place called The Wilds, which was a nature preserve.. or strip mine.. or something or both.

Observations from first mountain bike race of the year:
-Locking out your rear suspension for a whole race is kind of the same as adding weights to a hardtail.
-SLX is the new XTR (for those not in the know, slx is like 105... NOT PRO)
-26" is the new 29'er
-I make fun of road weenies, but there were plenty of dudes there with 7000 dollar bikes. Just cause you have hairy legs doesnt mean you are better.
-FREE PASTA, POP, BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and sierra nevada beer, but I am still True til death... )
-Tubeless tires are really neat.

Jake and Jared drove and did NRC crits. They went 30 miles an hour for probably 2 hours or something crazy. I went like 9 for 2 hours. I got free pop, brownies and pasta after. Im guessing they did not.

Ed and I stole his wife's car. I burnt a few CD's for the trip down. Bad Religion 80-85 and Ministry In case you didnt feel like showing up... The car only had a tape player and mix tapes from the early 90's. Iced Tea, Body Count, Fugazi... At one point the tape was acting weird, so we took it out, flipped it over and then pushed the auto reverse button. Remember doing that?

Ed Krall & Steevo Cummings = IRMC mountain bike racing team.


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Nice race, man. Everyone heard of this fast dude from PA was cumming. i'm like, that dude's got an awesome blog. Good to see you out there and we thought no one could ever stay with walker. walker told us he was spaced out for the last few miles because he could feel you catching him.

Gerry and Andy said...

SteveO, you rocked the course. For a second when I read IRMC, I actually thought you meant IROC...you know the old Chevy Camero thing, since you finished off talking about cars. Anyway, you guys should show up in an IROC the next time instead of a volvo, sporting mullets. Now that would really rock! But, of course, you would have to replace the Ministry stuff with some Def Leppard or something. See you at the Mohican 100.

Spice said...

Ed Raced?

Jody listens to Iced Tea?


John Proppe said...

I'm pumped to see dudes from elsewhere getting into the OMBC series.

I'll keep an eye out for you at the next OMBC race and we can talk about being nailed to the x and potentially Karl Buchener if I'm feeling brave.

TerribleTerry said...

mmm, brownies.....