Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Because Peter said that I dont write about bike racing.

Had dinner with the legendary diesel climbing engine Peter last night. He said I dont talk about bike racing in my blog anymore.

Here is talking about bike racing:
Scenario: Turkey Hill, just bridged up for about 5 minutes to the leaders.

Fast Guy: "Dude you have to pull, dont start sitting on blah blah"
Me: think "I will be a lot more beneficial to the break if I can recover for 2 - 3
minutes before starting to work." Say "mmmmmmmmmmlhhhhhhhahhhhh" and take a baby pull.
Fast Guy: "You got to pull faster than that" really not seeing the irony in yelling at me for not pulling then yelling at me for not pulling fast enough.

I eventually starting feeling a bit better and did my fair share.

Scenario: Ephrata Crit, basically just going like 30 miles an hour for like an hour.
Video link (fixed sorry ryan) of a dude who just falls over. 11
minutes into the video, but 30 laps into the race. Watch him. He freaking falls over. 1 more mavic open pro will be taken to the scrap yard this year. I slip from 99th to 1172th or so on GC. Something like that anyway.

Then we sat in the car for 4 hours figuring out how to split 45 dollars 6 ways.

Bike racing.

More exciting from Amy's students is:
Tumble Weave - When you see stands of a weave in the middle of the street. (This is a very urban thing)

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Ry said...

i can't believe i got suckered into watch a crit cam looking for a crash that never happened. thanks buddy