Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last trip pics and summary.

Sorry I have been slow to upload these. Im sure you have been on the edge of your google reader.

Maryland is freaking beautiful. They gave me a free bike map and a free byways map. The roads have huge shoulders. Cars seriously wait to pass you if there isnt a 3 foot shoulder (which was maybe 10% of the time). The Western panhandle is totally beautiful and mountainous. The people were nice too.

MD = Bike lanes

However I got lost and asked where I was and I was "a few miles from PA" not good.

Prettyboy reservoir north of B mo

At least it was beautiful and scenic while I was lost.

Crossing the Conewingo dam. I had to stay mad far up north to avoid the Chesapeake bay.

And I thought it was going to be mad busy after crossing it. Its like 50 miles from Philly?

Awesome setup: MD bike map. MD byway map. Computer.

Perrypoint, a historic, rundown town.

Wow, it is rush hour and that bridge looks scary.

Rode the sidewalk. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCARY.

Not afraid to wear a neckerchief. No trees = sunburned neck.

Eastern MD is super rural.
Another long day. My odometer read 12,800 some miles and the day was 128.22 miles!
Camped on the edge of town.
DAY 4. Last day.

This felt good

Yeah baby.

No offense to anybody from DE, but can I get a "welcome to!"???

Beach = ski ball

And big winnings.


fatmarc said...

crossing conawingo, and the chesapeake city bridge you were less than 20 minutes from my place... next time you'll have to plan a scheduled stop there!


ds said...

I think you should re-title these recent posts "I rode my bike halfway across the country to play ski ball."

Lenore said...

sw33t pics dude!!

amy said...

We had to visit the ER to get his fingers free from that trap that he won at the arcade. intense.