Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More time than money. Vegas Part II

So this was my first interbike, and my first time in Vegas.

Vegas is like Halloween fused with St Patricks day. Everybody uses it as an excuse to get stupid drunk, and women use it as an excuse to dress in ridiculous outfits showing as much skin as legally possible. Much like the holidays it is entertaining for a minute, then super annoying for the hours after.


Will walk 10 miles for 30 gel packs. 3 cheer packs. Some R4 samples.

I got into the cervelo party. This was serious. I drank like 40 dollars in Fiji water.heinrich haussler was there.

MJ seat cover. Anybody from the Burgh remember B rose? He runs the Shockspital.

Free T9 lube. Also Dumontech. Good stuff.

Water bottles...

Shopping bags..

This thing is sweet, it turns old tubes into bungee cords and tie downs. Awesome.

I took 3 bumps for a total of 1050 in southwest credit. More time than money for sure. One of the bumps was 2 days!

Stoked on my new hat as well!


Anonymous said...

The issue of Props doesn't even get a mention? How soon we forget our roots.

Fred said...

Damn, I didn't even know of the Cervelo party...

Urban Jeff said...

Damn, you made good use of that Working Media badge!