Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bike trip day 2 image dump.

Cumberland Maryland - Uniontown Maryland.

Opened the day with a LONG climb out of Cumberland.
Thought this was the top.

The real top.

Found a big snake .
Maryland is really rural and nice.
This is route 40. The Lincoln Highway. No cars.
Long climb for such a low freaking elevation.
I went over 6 "hills" or mountains or whatever this day.
The view from some lookout. I carried binoculars 460 miles to use one time here.
Western MD rail trail for 15 miles or so.
Back on the road. Crossing the AT. This dude is headed for Michaeux.
Oh yes.

You have to be going REALLY slow to notice things like this.
Ended up in Uniontown MD. Some old civil war town where everything was nice.

Camped behind a super old church. The pastor was nice and didnt seem to mind.
This was the house next to the church. Like normal people just live here.
THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!
Man figure out that average speed.


Reddan said...

Yeah, that climb out of Cumberland's a beeyotch. Not steep, but jeez...

We took 40 from Cumberland through Frostburg over Big and Little Savage a month or so ago. That was something stupid like 2200' of climb over 10 miles. I distinctly recall screaming "Are we there yet, Daddy?" about 3/4 of the way up...

Anonymous said...

11.62 mph

garydugo said...

Actually, Steevo, Route 30 is the Lincoln Highway. Nice looking trip though.

JimW said...

Route 40 is the "National Road"
Locals still call it that here in Wheeling.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

You rode all the way to Uniontown? That's only about 15 miles from my house. I train up there alot...Unfortunately I'm in california right now, or I might ride out to meet you.

Count your blessings, Steevo.