Friday, October 23, 2009

2 hours.

What a difference two hours and an eight mile drive can make.

Amy's work is helping host a man from South Africa over the next few weeks. It was his dream to visit America and a nice man made it possible. We had him over for dinner last night, and we invited a few of the older Somali kids (now adults). It makes sense right? You guys must have something to talk about, you are from the same continent but like 4000 miles away from one another. Right?

They talked about soccer. Well and they talked about oppression, living under Apartheid, living in refugee camps, witnessing extreme racism and poverty. The people in charge seemed to have the same basic idea, turn countrymen on one another based on race or tribe, and divide them... I think the quote of the evening while a young Somali guy was looking at a book about Apartheid, "man Europeans are animals..." This was after they both talked about living under European colonization, one as recent as 16 years ago.

So then Amy and I drove 15 minutes to an area I can only describe as "upper fox chapel" for some sort of art happening in which she was involved. We had the shittiest car in the lot by about $20,000. It was normal art party stuff, wine, beer, people fake laughing while wearing expensive clothes, etc. What really got me though was the ring one woman had on. I am not a jeweler and know very little about diamonds, however I can only guess that it cost as much as a few cars in the lot. I stared at it for a minute thought about the difference between the men from Africa and her. What a crazy world.

Then I drank like 3 or 4 more free waters and hit the road.


TerribleTerry said...

We need them to fight each other so we can get their oil and minerals...Without it we have no cheap gas. With no cheap gas we can't sit in our cars all evening "rushing" home from work. Our evenings wouldn't be the same. We'd be forced into spending it with our family and friends....and they're just not worth the awful ride on the train or bus... because there we might have to interact with... friends and neighbors.

As for the jewelry and cars...If you have no value as a person you need valueable items or your worthless.

Anonymous said...


Off topic, but your picture below from CrossVegas is in Velonews, page 57 - - FULL PAGE VIEW!