Friday, October 02, 2009

Last of vegas. 2 day bump = Going to Zion.

Willie (Nicol's cousin from California)... Nicol and I drove up to Zion and hiked the Angels Landing Trail.
We were REALLY close to Colorado City, AZ which is the polygamy capital of the US. It is also has the highest rate of fumarase deficiency in the world, which is caused by having "uncle dads"... yeah make fun of Appalachia and west virginia. Like everybody in the city is a direct descendant of 2 - 3 people. Creepy. Didnt make the side trip though.

Picture dump:

We hiked to the top of this thing

This is the "great arch" of zion. Wind did this. That is pretty great.

Cool trail up.

Then it got kind of scary, like 1800 foot cliffs.

1/2 mile from here to the top along this spine. It took 45 minutes to an hour. Drop offs on both sides.

Kind of gnarly.

View upriver. We did not come from this direction.

View back down the spine.

View downriver the way we came.

California Condor migrated to zion from the grand canyon. Largest north american bird. Pretty sick. If I were a "birder" I have probably seen a lot of birds in my travels, however Matt and I just made fun of birders and the advice to see rare birds when we did the Great Divide MTB route.

The dudes.

Another arch. Crazy.

About as much fun as you can have winging a day trip somewhere that you dont know at all.



Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Red Rocks is awesome.

Me and Ms. Hoovis got married out in Vegas in 96. Hiked all around there...

Yo, gave you a shout out today. Nice result at Hagerstown.


Mike said...

that is the best trail in zion - using the chains and hanging off the side of the cliff is awesome.

TerribleTerry said...

Wow, I got married in Vegas and spent my honeymoon there also. Walters wiggles or something was the switchbacks up to Angels landing. Good times...good times.

Matt! said...

Great photos. Fun adventure. And in a way you got paid for it.
Keeping the dream alive!!

Karen said...

Whoah - on the way from Durango to Vegas, we drove around Colorado City for a bit, to scope out the polygamists – but it was Sunday and not one single person was outside! It was creepy.