Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post race text conversations.

Babik: How did you do?
Me: Paul Martin* won.
Babik: So he is good at all bike racing?
Me: Yeah. And he is like a lawyer too. And I hear that he sometimes cures cancer.

I was talking to Dave before the race and said "I dont care what place I get, if I beat Paul Im putting my arms in the air"... Another time.

*for those who dont know.


Gary Bywaters said...

I heard that Paul can leap tall buildings in a single bound . . .

Gary Bywaters
USA Cycling Official

Fred said...

Add that he is one of the classiest pros ever. Interviewed him right after his win at Nationals (Twice) and Murrysville, humble, thankful...pure class

David said...

i sold Paul Martin his first cross bike, my old redline, about 8 years ago. I'm pretty sure he won a big race in it the same year. i went and ate burritos instead.