Tuesday, November 24, 2009

bulletted weekend recap. SO PITTED

- am mayhew picks us up
- very tired
- drive to Maryland
- get thrashed in a bike race (8th)
- feel crappy
- drive to delaware
- hang at fat marc's for an hour or two
- shower (but apparently do not remove all sports balm from legs)
- go to hip restaurant
- eat a fancy tofu hoagie (they had another name, but it was a hoagie)
- eat the pie that brett won for 17th place
- watch badass skate video

Saturday or Sunday:
- wake up with burning legs from not washing off all sports balm


- gallon of coffee and more home made bagels (post coming when they are better)
- watch what people not racing bikes do on sundays (read book then go riding)
- drive to maryland again
- watch TWO people crash while trying to ride holding trainers or spare wheels
- warm up on on Riskus' trainer. His friend jokes "last time you used that you killed it"
- "kill it" for second place
- stoked


This is how brett described the sand pit on the first lap after a small pile up.

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Lenore said...

awesome job my friend but you should've waited up so you could win another sprint.