Thursday, November 26, 2009

If you have to shop...

So tomorrow is the shoppingest day of the year or whatever. Then there is cyber monday. If I were in charge of the world, then there would be a few rules:

- Dont buy gift cards: Yeah I know you get double the free gas every 100 dollars or whatever. So you save a few cents right?
Think of how many gift cards are lost. Think of the balances that are sitting on gift cards Most states allow a charge for less than 5 dollars on a card. Essentially somebody, you or somebody that you care about is losing money. Oh and you are giving it to some super rich dude or dudes.

- CREAM: Cash rules everything around me. Right? So what if there is a chance that your 16 year old cousin is going to spend the 20 spot you are giving him on beer. Its better than him giving it back to the gap.

- Support small economies: Come down to bohemian Lawrenceville. (My house is across 39th from Roberto Clemente's knee)... Since that Times article, more stuff has opened. Wildcard particularly supports local artists and crafters.

- Buy direct: Have you seen Etsy? Like just about any gift you were going to buy can be found here and shipped to you. It will be handmade and the profits are better held onto by individuals. Like that impulse buy on christmas eve at bath and body works could be better spent here on handmade soap or jewelery or whatever.

- Support people you know: How many artists are around you? I have a few in my life. Maybe its cause I am super bohemian.

Nobody that I know is making a living off of their art. They do it cause they love it. It is their bike racing. Knowing that somebody chose what they do over something from a mall means a lot to an indy person.

Garbella. She holds it down. I genuinely like her stuff and I help out with what I can (cleaning gears and staining). You pay 20 bucks at american apparel for a T shirt. Or you pay like 22 from her with it hand screened, by her, in the basement.

Matt. Matt totally made my house livable. He is a maniac/perfectionist. Everything he does, he does 200%. His photos are rad .. he has a darkroom in his house... good stuff.

Rocco.Rocco and I have been bff's since like 88. When I was 20 or so Rocco saved my life in a parking lot. He got stabbed 6 times in the chest so that I didnt have to. His black and white 35mm galleries are rad. Yeah.

Two Beans.A childhood friend makes stuff from solid rocks (yes I dumbed this down). Imagine how freaking long that takes. The stuff is super reasonable too.

Jeff G. Jeff and I were both on bikesnob within the same week. He makes rad ceramics. Amy gets mad if I drink out of her coffee cup (that jeff made) when she wants it. Freaking Campy Coffee Mug!

Cosy Knits. Her name is actually Cosy and she spins her own yarn and knits stuff. If you are going to buy something, why not have it be handmade?

If you are in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Craft Collective has a lot of independent people making cool stuff.

Finally. While watching a rad skate video at Fat Marc's this song came on. Known for being the creepy Buffalo Bill scene in Silence of the Lambs, but it is a good 80's song for sure. Yes that is a chick singing.
"See my hopes and dreams lying on the ground...."


pgh craft collective said...

thanks for the shout out! and the great post about the awesome local crafters. :)

Jason said...

good post. inspired me to throw my cash away from the big azz Corps and back into the local community.

ds said...

Who said that scene with Buffalo Bill was creepy?

JMP said...

Steevo, would you shoot me an email w/ your contact info please? Thanks, Papp. Re. Ted Rall + Pgh CP. said...

aw... thanks so much for the mention!