Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Internet Cyclocross Diary....

2 weeks of racing since my last post.

The Jersey weekend was a total suckfest. I couldnt ride fast on the packed stuff and I couldnt ride slow in the mud. I was just no good. I even had a pit crew to hand up bikes. "Who is the dude in last getting a bike a lap?"...

Then I was riding during the week with my brother and fell over on some wet leaves. I was avoiding a log crossing and took easy path around it and fell over. ugh. I jammed my finger. It hurts still.

This weekend was Delaware MAC and Maryland MABRA races. I had good legs for the first time since September I think. I could jump out of every turn and attack a bit. 7th Sat and 2nd Sun. Sunday was a climbers course and I actually didnt blow up. It may have been the first race this year where I had a better position at the end than lap 1, like I went forward instead of backwards.

Thought process on Sunday:
"seriously guys slow down"
"I hope I flat, this sucks"
"sweet I am in the money"
"dang I am on the podium"
"there is a chance that I can win this"

Anyway, I out sprinted a sprinter for 2nd, which was cool. That was an unexpected result, so I was pretty freaking stoked.

We stayed with a friend who I have known for like a decade. We were both cool kids and now we are both ex cool kid now bike racers. His wife was limping and I asked if she was ok. She told me that she has foot cancer (?!?!). Needless to say that is not good.

So I was like "I can totally relate to your problems, I stoved my finger this week and thought I was going to have to ride my B bike with shimano STI's instead of my A bike with Sram in order to have extra leverage to upshift. I was really stressed about it."

I didnt actually say that, I was just pointing out my problems against hers. What I thought was "dude her problems show how much of a freaking cake walk your life is..."
Take a life lesson there...

Monday I rode Raystown lake with Babik for a long time. Raystown is apparently a newer trail system by Altoona / State College. It lived up to the hype and was some of the best riding I have ever done. Go there before the snow falls. It is rare that you can go 25 mph uphill for like 5 minutes straight.

Oh yeah, if you are still reading this crap you have earned this video of a cyclocross race in Paris in 1945. badass.


Lenore said...

for sunday's race you forgot:
"who's that girl in the booty shorts"

Anonymous said...

oh man, anyone who has been to montmarte will know that those stairways that are featured are super-long. and the whole neighborhood is upsy-downsy. multiple laps on that would be (and have been, as the video shows) badass.

crs said...

Now you know how Gunnar feels when the "kids" beat up on him.
Good work Steve-o even if you let that 10 year old beat ya.