Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I might as well write about Battenkill, despite how disappointing it was. I am not sure what happened. I went into it with the goal of doing something to help a teammate pull out a result (last year one teammate went 50 miles without bottles)... or to just try my hardest to finish. Neither happened.

I jumped onto the Haymarket Homevisit team for the event. It was mostly a composite team, consisting mostly of DC area dudes, plus myself and the legendary Steve Tilford.

Blow by blow descriptions of races are awful. All that I can say is that it was really really fast. I got dropped. It rained. I rolled in with 30 other dudes who were the first 30 to get dropped. Not the plan. All that I can assume is that it was hard day coupled with really bad legs. I dont want to dwell on it or I will get pretty bummed out.

The highlight of the past two weekends (pro/am and pro invitational) was the company that it was spent with. The first week we stayed with Ed's sister and her husband. They were 30 miles from the course in Vermont. The area was beautiful. There was tons of good time, good conversation and good food. I got to hang out with Pittsburgh dudes that I have to drive 9 hours to hang out with.

The second weekend the team stayed in a converted barn that housed 9 dudes. The cool thing about being on a composite was hanging out with dudes who I have never talked to before. 100% of my impression of these dudes was based on racing and the little I knew about them. Its funny that when you are racing, you can think that somebody might not be a nice person, but when it comes down to it, you have like 90% of your life in common with them.

Thanks to Haymarket Homevisit for the chance.


Miss. Bea Havin said...

onward and upward buddy

Anonymous said...

Look at the brightside, at least you got a t-shirt and some free tire levers out of it. (I'll save you the trouble--the levers aren't worth a shit)