Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometimes I feel like...

Mayhew posted that on my facebook wall awhile ago. It is a feeling that used to be true. Amy and I are coming up on 5 years of home ownership. Last night we discussed the first time that we walked down the street, at night, to our new house. My stomach sank. It was a mix of boyz n the hood and an unsupervised recess from elementary school. It was like 10pm and there were dozens of kids out that were under 10 years old. There were dudes using their car stereos as radios as they sat on their stoops. We didnt communicate it to one another, but we were both having a bit of buyers remorse.

Anyway, last night we took a walk through the hood. I am not sure if we are acclimated to the area, or if it has actually changed. The local park was jamming. On the soccer field, it was the punx and the somalis playing a game of football (soccer) together. I knew both groups of people, and it was awesome to see them comingling and sharing a common interest. Amy and I joked that it would be badass if the Somali kids starting wearing tight clothes and stretching their ears out. The bike kids had the hockey rink corralled for a game of bike polo, there was close to 20 of them playing... Things are looking up.

If you are looking to buy a house in yuppieville, buy this house, it is my brother's listing and he will give me money if you do.

Here is apbs article about how only 3.5 out of 10,000 people are "tea party members." The disproportionate amount of coverage they are getting in the media is pointed out. Irony of the article is that it is a media article about the tea party.

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libertyonbikes! said...

If only more people could see the benefits of living in a city instead of a McMansion out in the country. Then again, if they did, I wouldn't have been able to buy our place.

The irony is, as I observe the various people moving in and out.
The one that scares me the most,
the white computer programmer across the street. He spends his mornings listening to Rush Limbaugh and beats his wife...

People are always leary of the unknown, but the 'normal' can be the greatest threat sometimes..