Friday, April 02, 2010

San Diego.

Well the trip is winding down. I met up with Amy and we drove down to San Diego to hang with her brother and his ladylove.

I rode my first dirtbike. It was a 125cc. The dude I went with took me on some gnarly (in my first time riding a dirt bike brain) trails. However, it was super fun.

Then we went to Joshua tree for a day. We hiked up Ryan Mountain, up to about 5500 feet. We could see Mexico and the Sultan Sea from the top. We camped on BLM lands and took Jake's car offroading. We shot a bb gun a ton.

Riding has been good. Lots of sun and intervals.

My 3000 mile solo cross country drive starts in a few days. Plans include stopping at the grand canyon and riding in some mountains. I should get back to the burgh in time to leave for battenkill and add another 20 hours a of driving over the weekend.

Highlights SD:
Saw a road named "nuevo road."
Had a 1 armed man draft off of me.
Got cool guyd by tons of triathletes.
Found some mountains.
Saw avocado trees in peoples yards.
3 dollar burritos.
99 cent 20 oz cans of diet Dr. Pragers organic rootbeer.

Maybe some pictures to come.


Anonymous said...

Please explain what being "cool guyed" is. Is that like being "big timed" by your local, $15,000-per-year-paycheck domestic pro?

Anonymous said...

Salton Sea? Google is your friend.

steevo said...

first thing when i googled it.
Im confused. Wish you were not anon so you could get this email.

Jason said...

The kicker would have been seeing you with your jersey stuff with avocados that you "found" laying under said trees. :) Safe travels home.