Thursday, July 08, 2010

On stuff...

Stuff. Im not into buying tons of needless things, especially expensive bike racing things.

However, when something is a good product, I try to stand by it.

First: Nuun. Nuun is a calorie free electrolyte replacement. It is kind of fizzy and there are a ton of different flavors. During the Tour of Ohio I was drinking literally gallons of water a day. We were racing in 97 degree heat with humidity each day. Some of the dudes from the south were saying it was like a Georgia summer. Well I didnt cramp at all, so I assume that it worked. I am a fan, and if water tastes good, I will drink more.

Second: Vittoria Pit Stop. So I flatted a tubular tire the second day of the Tour of Ohio. Annoying. I tried putting stans sealant in it. I put it up to 80 psi, and it was good. Put it up to 100 and it blew the hole out again. Stans squirted like 20 feet across my backyard. Before peeling the tire off and being cranky, I tried Vittoria Pit Stop. It is not a liquid like Stans, but more of a foam. BOOM. The tire still has a slow leak (like 3 days to go flat), but I can deal with that. Over 5 hours it only loses a single PSI. We will see if the hole grows and it becomes a faster slow leak, but so far I am impressed.



Anonymous said...

Try Tufo tires and the Tufo sealant. Vittorias are for NOOBs. Who would you rather trust with your life, some Italian tire snob or a Czech psycho-cross tough guy?

Spice said...

Actually. Vittorias like most other bicycle tires are made in Thailand.

You want a real Italian tire, try Veloflex, the original Vittoria.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Dude, those Nuun things are retarded.

Just add salt to your bottles, or better yet eat a dill...same effect and tastes way better.


steevo said...

dudes. i dont ride vittorias. I ride schwable tubulars. they are high tpi and lightweight and 28 bucks at cost. please.