Tuesday, December 07, 2010

1985 USPRO championships.

Just a reminder of how badass Pittsburgh was:


Talks about the all day breakaway that included Matt Eaton.

Top 10

1. Eric Heiden (USA) 7-Eleven 6h29’39” (39.04 km/h)

2. Jesper Worre (Den) Sammontana

3. Jens Veggerby (Den) Fanini-Wuhner

4. Tom Broznowski (USA) Schwinn

5. Tom Schuler (USA) 7-Eleven +14"

6. Ron Kiefel (USA) 7-Eleven +1'40"

7. Davis Phinney (USA) 7-Eleven +1'48"

8. Andy Hampsten (USA) Levi’s-Raleigh

9. Jeff Rutter (USA) Alfa-Romeo

10. Thomas Prehn (USA) Schwinn


11. Chris Carmichael

12. Danny Chew

Both finishing in the same time as Hampsten.

Apparently thrift drug classic torrent HERE.


Spice said...

I heard Danny Chew road from Pittsburgh to Philly the day before Corestates, and then raced the next day.

Can you prove this folklore?

Anyway...while riding inside, I've been watching video of 2008 HET VOLK Classic. Mike Friedman was in the breakaway most of the day..impressive

M Colenbrander said...

this is somewhat true. I went with him to the race. We road from Pittsburgh to Bedford on Friday where his Dad picked us up. On Saturday we road the course with some of the 7-Eleven team. This was a pretty cool experience for a 16 year old kid. Steve, the pass I gave you at the oval was from this race.

Dave said...

Dude...Eric Heiden's arms are jacked! He makes Bryan Fawley, from the Charm City Race look like a "Girly-Man." Guys like that don't win 6+hr road races in our generation.