Monday, December 13, 2010

The filthy chew

So after the Dirty Dozen this year, young Bob and I discussed doing a second lap. It would be like 120 miles and 12,000 feet of climbing. We told Chew, and he had already done it in 1991 in preparation for the Thrift Drug Classic. It took two entire days to think that we should just do three.

I threw the idea at chew and he accepted. He compared it to our "historic" winter time double century (only 3 people have done them in Pittsburgh... this is all Chew talking). 12 hours out from game time, the fourth person involved, Danny's longtime friend said that we would more than likely be out on busy roads at dusky / dark, and instead suggested to do each hill 4 times in one single loop.

This eliminated what we called the triple dirty dozen, but created what Chew called "the filthy Chew."

I love this time of year when doing stupid (fun) stuff does not have me worried about it ruining the stupid bike racing.

Filthy Chew Stats:
4 starters
3 finishers (sorry young Bob)
148 avg power
1 hill impassable due to snow
2 bonus climbs up final hill to make up for lost hill's elevation
210 normalized power
17,000 feet of elevation gain (188/mile)
4567 KJ
490 TSS
10 mph avg speed
9 hours riding
90 miles
1 new road I showed the Chew man

OH YES. Bob and I are possibly headed for a hike but it looks snowy!

Anybody want to buy or sell a house? That is my new line.


aaron said...

What about that ice on suffolk?
Coming down it w/o have gone up it first it was definitely sketch. I can only imagine what some of the other hills had on them.

aaron said...

and also, you guys are insane. Especially anyone who suggests doing 9 more times up a hill to make it an even 20k of climbing(which is the best part of the story).