Wednesday, March 07, 2007

2 posts in a row!

On our sweet ride yesterday, Dr Stubna and I stopped for a second to check a map/directions. I was SURE we had to go right, and was of course wrong, so there was really no point in checking them. ANYWAY, while Mike checked the map I saw what appeared to be an oakley sunglasses case on the ground on the side of the road. You know the type, it folds closed and is hard plastic, in the shape of sunglasses. We were in a pretty well to do place named Sewickley. It is where Lemieux lives. Bling.

So I open the case thinking that I scored some new shades, or possibly a lense that I could trade to somebody, and what do I find? 2 used syringes, and 3 cookers (ie spoon type device where you burn your HEROIN). Too bad we had no digital camera, or we could have taken some sweet shots! Nasty.


Anonymous said...

HBO here we haven't heard back about if you intrested in the we're talked about. Still looking forward to my pic tattoed on your back. Get intouch with us we're also talking to Jerry Stienfield. Don't wait to long.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that is interested in the show we're talkling about. Cinamax was telling me about what his 6 year old did yesterday while I typing..... you can't shut that guy up about his kids.

Anonymous said...

Come on now we're only few days away from paydirt. Have you gotton the Leperchaun outfits for the midgets.... I mean small people. I found out just recently from an episode of South Park they pefer that you'd hate to be called that "midget man!". Where should I send our techs to outfit the cab with cameras? Oh do you have preference on a tattoo parlor or should we just have our house tattoest meet you downtown at coffee house? Contact me quickly!