Sunday, March 18, 2007

St Patricks day... A new low for humanity.

10 am was the earliest that I saw somebody who couldnt walk. Im not sure that he missed very much. I had to get a cab on Thursday and hold onto it to ensure having one for the festivities of St. Patricks day.
Thursday: worked 5pm - 3am
Friday: worked 9am - 4am
saturday: worked 10am - 430am
The next redneck who suggests that cyclists dont buy gasonline, tell him that I am offsetting it for every redneck who does. I can finally talk to normal people now. My conversations used to be
"gas is up to x.xx oh my god"
"I hope it goes up to 4 dollars a gallon. there should be a law against driving a car less than 2 miles"

Now Im like "yeah I thought we invaded those A - rabs to bring it under 2 bucks a gallon again?" (please note the sarcasm. please)

Seriously though, for how drunk every person was, and how stupid the whole "holiday" actually is, there was nothing horrible about it. I have had bigger jagoffs on a friday night who had only been drinking for 3 or 4 hours, not 14. Plus everybody is so happy to finally get a cab that they tip you like crazy.
"where have you been?? we have been trying to get a cab for hours.."
"oh I just got on, there are no cabs at the garage"
Meanwhile I probably just drove past them with my doors locked looking for the best dressed person who may or may not be waiving a 20 at me.
Dr Stubna sent me this article written by a semi famous cartoonist/ punk columnist for MaximumRocknroll. He sums up my situation here: "I tended to receive good tips because I was young, white and clean-cut. A lot of people acted as if they’d happened upon King Tut’s treasure when they entered my cab. "

Ill tie this all into cycling here. We were rolling down forbes and I saw a hipster riding a soma track bike. Must be soupie I figure. So I roll up next to him and give a "whoop"... he looks over and gives one back. The dudes in the back of the cab, who had sacked up big time were like.
"Dude Cabbie is a heckler"
"Dude he fucking yelled at lance. Lance wasnt wearing his yellow jacket cause he was going so slow down Forbes avenue" sorry soup, you arent lance according to these dudes.

I worked 50 hours and this is all that I have?
I guess you are the real deal when you are sleeping in your car at the airport rather than at home in bed. My crown vic turned over to 460,060 this weekend. nuts.

A grifter is somebodoy who uses the omni bathroom, grabs a free apple at the fruit basket with a smile, then drops somebody off at the days in banksville and fills up his mug at their coffee station! oh yes!


Anonymous said...

Da Soup is lucky you didn't open the trunk huh. Bet you gave to guys in back .... just to graphic to blog about hey. Happy St Patty's hope you get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Hey its Steevo Kerouac. You're the best bro. PS, you better have the timing belt swapped out in that buggy...