Thursday, March 22, 2007

Matt's write up

My friend Matt (who I did my trip with last year).. did a double century saturday and the LA marathon on sunday. Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Ok I'm sore now!! Come on.... I really want to see myself on your back. It would be so chic.

Kralldiggler said...

steevo, that's pretty impressive what your friend matt accomplished, but last night i had 3/4 of this giant burrito, woke up and had the rest for breakfast. that's work.

Matt! said...

yo did you see that the fastest time was on fixed? That guy is a maniac. Apparently his 'weakness' is that he can't descend at super high RPM's. What if he could?
Did you see that there is a fixed entry for the Great Divide race this year?
Denver man to bicycle 2,490 miles in one gear. Can we call Danny Chew?