Sunday, March 04, 2007

we are strong, no one can tell us we are wrong

worked 30 hours out of 35. slept for 5.
awesome soundrack included: The Church "Under the Milky Way" and Pat Benatar "Love is a battlefield"
I read on the internerd that SLEEP DEPRIVATION can lead to releasing HGH the same way that rest can. Sweet!

There was a hint of spring for like 30 seconds the other day. It was nice riding in that again, I found that I wasnt looking at the clock at all. Nice.
Early spring reminds me of riding around Europe for a few months in 2003. Suprisingly that was a long time ago.
This site lists tons of Euro mountain climbs, this link is the highest pass in belgium

This is a picture of my travel partner coming over the highest climb in Belgium.

if you are like me, you were unaware that cycling tv has FREE coverage of last weekends races. Het Volk's finish was awesome.

Today: high of 22. Dr. Stubna and I are going out for 4 hours. It should go quickly because we both greatly enjoy researching and discussing all types of dynamical systems. I have even taken it to the next level of researching NON DYNAMICAL systems. take that!


Anonymous said...

MMMMNN Pat. How'd that 4 hrs in sub freezing temps workout?

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