Thursday, May 24, 2007

4 days of riding with Seniors..

Jennerstown Crit. The race was in Pittsburgh, but it was like a real bike race. There were corners and tactics. Some teams missed the break and then they CHASED! What a weird concept. Ruggs Jared and Brian put the hammer down while I hung on for dear life. Following Jared through turns sucks. Im like "man Im taking this chicane so sweet" until I follow him through it and he pedals the whole way while cornering and holding like 300 watts or something. sick. Ruggs has sweet pics and a sweet write up. Good fun race.

So I took a "job" hosting a group of seniors along the yough river bike trail. It was pretty cool. It was a sleep, bike, eat, bike, eat, sleep, type of deal. It ruled. Observations
- i am never going to wear matching spandex with my significant other.
- i will never tuck a polo shirt into spandex shorts
- the last 20 years of your life are not the golden years
- seniors are like kids; when they ask questions - the answer doest really matter and you can probably just make it up
- somehow people can drink regular and decaf folgers
- teachers get sweet pensions

Ed Krall took a podium spot at the oval. Is it a coincidence that he is also the importer of all things balm?

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Matt! said...

I rode with a senior over the weekend, on a 600k, except he's a retired mountain search and rescue guy who has climbed denali. He is going to Paris-Brest-Paris early to do some 1000 mile ride from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Still, he was slightly jealous of the work schedule I've kept through my 20's.