Monday, May 14, 2007

race driving math.

Race at the lake was cancelled after 10 minutes. 5 hour drive for those dudes.
10 minutes of racing 5 hours total driving. 30 mins of driving for each 1 minute of
bike racing.

Bear Mountain.
14 hours of driving and 4:20 of racing. (4:19 for stubna cause he is so fast). That
is like 3 minutes of driving for each 1 minute of bike racing.

Turner snapped a cable 20 minutes into the race. That is 20 minutes of racing for 14 hours of driving. Despite a neutral bike (orbea with zipp's), his race was pretty much over the second that happened.
that is like 40 minutes of driving for each minute of bike racing.

The results for Bear Mountain are not in, but Im pretty sure that I didnt win.


Soupie said...

hangin with chew eh?

crunch those numbers!

Anonymous said...

I saw the results...... but you won in my mind. Could set us up a chart so we all can quickly convert time driven to bike time raced.

Anonymous said...

how 'bout a URL to these races yenz is talking 'bout, en that.

Anonymous said...

Look in the left hand side of the page.

vonChumpy said...

move to philly. its flat and you're driving time will be less than 1:1.

Ohh-and being 6 minutes down in a cross race sucks. But getting drunk and calling Greg LeMond is awesome. I guess you won't be doing that anytime soon.