Friday, May 11, 2007

Resting. Scrapper. Crackhead?

Ok, so Im not riding much this week. No long days. We'll see what happens. This leaves a lot of spare time...
So I am going to put my energy into my "house." Dr. Stubna assisted in loading a truck full of wood panelling and studs to take to the dump. A rockstar provided the truck and some muscle for the trip.
Oddly enough there was a free calender for the town of Milvalle with weird pictures at the bourough building. The zoo (there is no zoo in Milvalle) PNC park (not in Milvalle) and sure enough Mr. Gunnar Shogren was the May calender boy! It was in in his Swashbuckler outfit racing some old dudes, but again, not in Milvalle.

So I had about 40lbs of metal framing for my drop ceilings that I needed to take about 8 blocks to the scrap yard. I put them on the touring bike and started to wheel them down the alley. The Pittsburgh works garbage supervisor guy sees me and asks:
"what are you doing with that?"
"ummm taking it to the scrap place at 33rd"
"you know its illegal to take that right?"
"ummmmm i dont know what you are talking about"
"stealing some body's recyclables is illegal"
"do you think that I would choose to walk 40lbs of metal rods a half mile in a garbage can on a bicycle for 3 dollars?" (ok i muttered something containing all of these ideas but not so smooth)
"there has been reports of recyclables being stolen"
"ummmm yeah... "

So I kept walking and the dude just watched me creep down the alley. The garbage can between my stem and seat, sitting on my top tube. I had one hand on the can and one on the handlebars. It was all downhill so I had to steady the load.
"that is all '10'"
"ummm ok?"
"that is all 10, its not worth anything"
"will you take it for free?"
"yeah. its worth like 4 dollars a truckload"

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Anonymous said...

You do look like a 12 year old.