Monday, November 12, 2007

bike racing fans exist in america.

So Sunday I am sitting at the SportsBalm tent selling some product for Ed while he is racing when a couple comes up to chat. They ask about the product and are obviously just there to watch the race. I put on my "meeting somebody's parents for the first time, pretend you aren't a loser" game. The woman asks me about bikes, saddles, riding, railtrails, racing, balm, the whole gamut. I give my honest opinion to her, and told her to find a local bike shop that she trusts and support it, because they are also full of advice, and this time of year might just be sitting on their hands waiting for some business.

What was awesome was that she said they drove like 45 minutes to get to the race just to watch. She then tells me that they drove up to watch Univest as well. They will be driving to the USGP next weekend too. They didnt know anybody racing, they didnt know much about cross, but they are just FANS of cycling. They seemed kind of suprised when I told them that I did Univest, and they asked if I was racing the Elite Men, and I laughed and gave my usual "Ill be in the race, yeah."...

Sure enough, every lap when I came by, they were there cheering for me. Real cycling fans. They spent their sunday afternoon driving to a bike race to watch it. Totally crazy. Ill look for them next weekend at the GP for sure.

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Anonymous said...

As an ex-Burgher and (old) racer, yr shit cracks me up. I used to race with Eaton and Chew the Elder (Tom) and Mac Martin. Don't know if those names mean anything, but...they were hard sons o bitches. I moved back to Pgh and raced about 6 yrs ago with Pgh Masters, you know, the team that chases down their own teammates. Tactics? We don need no stinkin tactics!
I'm in Philly now. Not nearly as entertaining as the Burgh, but way more racers. Unreal. I'll take a Primanti's or an O Dog or a slice of Mineo's over a fucking cheesesteak any day.
Do you guys still race on Oscar's whacky oval? Does Papp ever show his face?
I'm expecting to read some good 07 Dirty Dozen stories, so don't let me down. Tell Danny that Tom S's older brother said hey.
If you come to CoreStates (or whatever they call it now) and aren't riding, look for me and the wife on Lemon Hill. I'll have the UCI Sucks t-shirt on.
John AC Pinarello
ps Did you race Univest on Kraynick's team? I used to live across the street from Kraynick's. I'm having a hard time imagining Bill putting together a serious team. Does the shop still look the same?