Monday, November 26, 2007


22 degrees at 8am and 130 people showed up for Danny Chew's Dirty Dozen. A crew that included:
- 2 RAAM finishers (one was 6'8 and riding a "huffy" serotta! badass
- A guy who I used to play with when I was 3, our parents were best friends
- internet douchebags
- hipsters
- bike racers
- at least 2 10,000 dollar bikes
- 3 women!

And a lot of nice people. Nice people include but are not limited to:
- Barb Peterson, the woman who drives the support car. She does it year after year and is so nice. She has nothing to do with cycling, but just enjoys the event.
- Mark Powder, longtime ACA official takes a day and tries to decipher who is scoring points
- Mark Bold, he moto marshaled a non sanctioned event. It was awesome, he would block
some intersections and lead the group on his motorcycle.
- Ryan Mcdermitt's family was nice enough to drive along the event with our stuff in their car
- Billy Kanarek nicest guy ever, donates the pop, loves the event
- Trizilla drove support with water and pop
- Of course, Danny Chew, who hit the 1 million K mark ON the ride. good for him.
Obviously, all of these people make the event what it is.

This is in addition to all of the people who were just there cheering and having fun. I think shorly danny is going to need to charter a bus for people to watch.

Also, Chris Mayhew always gives me training guidance. Actually it is more of nontraining guidance because he tells me when I should rest rather than ride, calling me incorrigible when I try to ride on what should be a rest day. Chris also rode really well.

Saturday answered the question: who is most willing to take a non serious event the most seriously. Answer: me. Dr Stubna put fear into me for the last few months. Too bad he didnt have his powertap so he can compare last year's efforts to this year's.

Current ACA club champion, Jake Lifson FEARS THE DIRTY DOZEN. He has yet to finish it, and refused to start it this year. John Minturn has quit bike racing to become a cycling "enthusiast," which means he drives to races (the DD, the USGP's etc etc), to cheer and heckle. Colin has like laryngitis and finished, scoring points, and a healthy minturn couldnt sak up at all. Also, it was good to see how stoked Babik was breaking away and winning the last hill. All smiles.
Good times, good people.


Matt! said...

Amazing. If 125 riders show up for Feel My Legs in February, I won't know what to do. Especially because we have a no support car no spectator car policy. I think we are adding some longer hills next year that are just out of the city (still only 5 miles away).
Why don't you come out for it?

steevo said...

Because im poor and lazy bro! You just want to find somebody who can beat jack!