Thursday, November 22, 2007

The cross team.

So in case you missed the cycling news article, there is a new Cyclocross team out of Western PA. The Ed Krall Racing team has a near all star cast, with the headliner being Chris Horner. Also on the team are Megan Elliot,Stephan Kincaid, Bill Elliston and me (who? wtf? yeah exactly!)
Although the cross season is pretty short, and there have been only a few races together, it is pretty cool. Obviously riding with this class and level of racers is an honor and I got pretty lucky to be able to call myself a part of the team.
More info is at

Also just want to say that the Fuji Pro cross bike has been awesome. The team site has some pictures of Geronimo's bling ride with the deep carbon wheels on it. Im not just saying this because it is the sponsor, it is seriously a really nice bike. I think they do something right by having very little advertising and offering a good product, it brings the price down. They retail for like 1700-1800 bucks, with ultegra and some Dura Ace with ritchey comp stuff. This ranks pretty high in my world of cost to function. Im considering buying one of the Fuji Mountain Bikes next year for some XC racing.

Yes, Ed will rub the sportsbalm on your legs for you if you bring it to him, just tell him Steevo sent you.


Chris Mayhew said...

Batman and Robin of 'cross indeed.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

I think its totally cool that Scarfer Ed's team is getting lots of publicity, but its too bad that they have to be associated with a friggin' doper like Horner.

That's right, I said Doper.

I like how he's riding for Astana this year so that he can ride for Bruyneel and all the graduates of the Discovery Doping Academy. Bet his results get real good all of a sudden...

You heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

congrats steevo you worked hard for this.

Dont believe the hype, Horner is no doper

sean m

Anonymous said...

What is Horner's connection to at Pittsburgh team?

steevo said...

He was hooked up with sportsbalm before, which is out of pittsburgh in the us