Friday, November 16, 2007

January 1st. No more honest milk.

Has anybody seen this?

usa today story

the times

Basically on 1.1.08 you wont see "hormone free" or "rbgh free" or "pesticide free" on your milk anymore in PA. Because: "State officials say the labels are confusing and impossible to verify."

This all comes about from Dennis Wolff, Pennsylvania’s agriculture secretary, who is a... a... oh yeah a dairy farmer.

I hate 1984 metaphors, but come on.


brian said...

Yeah, this sucks.

A former dairy farmer, Mr. Wolff said he decided to look into the issue after he received calls from farmers complaining that they were being forced to stop using bovine growth hormone if they wanted to continue selling their milk to certain dairies. He also said his office had received many calls from confused consumers.

This is something that Turner's Dairy does. I'm no friend of unfettered capitalism, but why, exactly, can't a dairy say "sorry, we don't want your milk if you inject your cows with hormones."

I was very happy to hear that Turner's is artificial-hormone free, since I have young kids. Organic milk tends to ultra-pasteurized, which removes quite a bit of its nutritional content (this info from the East End Food Co-op, FWIW). Better yet, I can get Turner's at the corner market.

Matt! said...
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Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? In this super competitive world our children will need every waking advantage they can get. Look at Barry Bonds he had to inject himself to get where he is at. We should be happy that our children won't have to do that to get ahead. We simply as parents just have to make sure they drink their milk and eat their chicken and meat we buy from Walmart. There are other advantages you're not taking into account either; they grow up faster puberty by 10 or so, hell the faster they'll be out of house and on their own. You should be thanking our government they only looking out for our best interest and hell if things go wrong you'll cover by our country's health care system .......

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

dude, only pussies post anonymously.



burt friggin 'hoovis said...

Hey dude who the douche bag now!