Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Geometry and orange pop.

In the past year the Somali's have decided that since I live across the street and have some college experience, that I must be able to tutor them in all high school subjects.

A few months ago, I had to call Dr. Stubna, the math professor, to help me with some Algebra 2 questions. This is after gary, amy and I couldnt figure it out. Stubbs explained it to me pretty easily.

Last night I found myself in a similar situation in their livingroom. Geometry homework. This is where my love for the Somali's comes in. I am always given some sort of orange beverage. This time it was an Orange flavored soda. They only drink orange pop, its like that scene in Joe vs the volcano. They have like 5 gallons of sunny delight on hand at all times. It is my honest belief that they think there are real oranges in it. I dont want to be the person to tell them the truth of it. I mean they all have giant oranges on the label and in the logo, how do you tell them that it is actually just flavored sugar?

Or maybe they wouldnt mind. Because I was also made a sandwich. I have been given the substance "hell ooo uh" before. It seems to consist of vegetable oil, sugar and cloves in a sort of jello consistency. Until last night, I have only seen it eaten as a desert, like a finger food. I was shocked / amazed upon finding out that it can also be put on bread and made into a sandwich. Imagine a jello sandwich.

This is all on top of finding out that it is like a mortal sin to turn down any amenities shown to you. It is considered insanely rude to turn things down. Until finding this out I would always say "no thanks" to things offered me, because they have like a million kids and a fixed income. Why am I going to snatch up Muya's orange crush? Then Amy and I were told that one mother thought we were being rude because we never take any food we are offered.

I wish there was a picture of me eating sugar/oil sandwiches on white bread.


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Maybe it was really a
head cheese sandwich? That stuff is kind of jello-like.

My polish stepfather used to eat that shit, with a great big slice of onion. Yum.

Not Cho said...

Ummmmm,.. so is there a freaking Geometry question here or what? Jello on White, Joe VS The Volcano and Organge Colored Drinks -- a^2 + b^2 = c^2 -- Oh yeah, there it is,.. I see it now. It was so obvious, I couldn't seem to see your angle here, everything seemed so obtuse at first, then I took a new angle on it , then everything became complimentary and my consternation was so much less acute. It all came down to looking for the proof. yeah right, gay.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

You know, I was thinking, when I was in college up at my alma mater mater, I used to tutor chemistry for all the dipshit el ed major chicks who were forced to take a semester of chemistry. I didn't teach anyone much, but I did get laid doing it at least twice.

I'm not sure that if this is good for you in this particular situation, Steve, but if you find you have a knack it might be something you may want to explore with a different audience...