Monday, December 03, 2007

Goodbye to you my friends.

Last weekend of the MAC series. Every year I tell myself not to register for Nationals unless I get UCI points. This weekend was my last shot at it, and the closest that I got was 11th. Talking with Minturn before the race, I predicted 14th or 15th, but enough people flatted to let me move up the ladder. I beat 1 person who I thought would beat me. Its pretty funny that you can look at the Preregistration and pretty much know what place you will get at some of these races.

So what now? Cross season was a whirlwind, racing each weekend for the last 8 or 10 weeks, including some local Mountain bike races and the Dirty Dozen. I guess now its time to sit in a taxi for the next 3 months to save up enough money to do it all again next year.

Cross season highlights.
- 2nd at the Hagarstown race. Nearly won, got out sprinted, good time
- Podium with fast guys at the Taccino cross race
- Awesome freaking team with tons of support. (
- Fast teammates that make people think that I, myself, might actually be fast
- Awesome road trips, lots of driving made fun
- Tons of awesome people in and around each race.
- On the line of each race when you hear the announcer say "On the line are the professional men, these are the best racers in the country!", it always makes me smile and laugh at myself

Cross season lowlights
- Crashing and getting lapped at the first GP in Kentucky
- Forgetting to register for the GP in New Jersey (yes that is the story)
- Never having a good race at Granogue
- Amy not making it to a race due to her part time weekend job.

Anybody who is looking for races the weekend before Nationals should do Bill's race (, which is right near Easton PA. My Dad is coming into town, and having not seen him since July, Im going to hang out in the Burgh and watch the Stillers vs New England.

Also, thank your promoter. I hung out/mooched off of Hebe this weekend during his promoting of the UCI race on Saturday. Even a seasoned vet like him was under a lot of stress and pressure, not just mental, but physical and financial. Everybody should go out of their way to thank promoters, or there might not be any more races.

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mike mihalik said...

great riding steevo. you crushed it this year.