Sunday, December 23, 2007

Normal vs Abnormal

Friday night was another cab night. The cab has a computer screen that shows my fares, destinations and all kinds of jazz. Sometimes if there is a road closure or massive congestion, the machine will BEEEEEEEEP and it will flash the information. Friday night it just kept flashing "MANY DRUNK DRIVERS ON THE ROAD TONIGHT, BE VERY CAREFUL!" It is my opinion that there are always too many drunk drivers on the road at 2:30 AM or after a stillers game. Right now I am under the impression, by the number of people going to bars and clubs via their own car and then driving home, that drunk driving is totally normal and maybe even socially acceptable. I often get people in my cab that I would consider to be annoyingly drunk talking about how they didnt drink too much and should have driven. Weird.
Friday night/ Saturday morning at about 2 AM I came across two separate crashes that I would bet dollars to donuts involved drunk people. One had a car crashed into a median and the driver was in the back of a cop car by the time I drove past. No more than 5 miles away I passed another which had the tow truck army already out in full force.

Standing in 48 degree rain 2 hours and 30 minutes into a 4 hour ride while watching somebody fix a flat tire and talking about how "its really not that bad out." Not only saying it, but totally believing it and being happy that it is this warm while you are out for hours riding a bicycle around poop covered country roads all weekend.

Two totally unrelated things. If you do one, it is pretty normal and acceptable (not to mention all that goes with general bar culture.. getting up at noon, random sex, jockockracy, bar fights, etc). The other, people usually cant comprehend what it is and why you would do it. To me, riding 3 abreast on an empty road with 2 good friends is more fun than alcohol, drugs, bars and random hookups could ever be. Maybe Im missing out.

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Kralldiggler said...

so i guess you're saying that when we split that 8 ball the other night, it meant nothing to you. thanks, friend.