Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My 300 dollar Italian shoes.

That is my buddy Matt's joke about his Sidi shoes. He is a total bum, much like me, but its funny that he owns a 300 dollar pair of Italian shoes.

But how about this, my buddy scoot from Bike Pittsburgh showed me: 373 dollar FAKE CYCLING SHOES. Yes they are just stylish "sneakers." So here you go if you are looking to "update your casual wardrobe." Maybe Ill get them when they have the boa mechanism like the Specialized shoes.

Friday was a 6 hour ride with The Chew Man. Tons of NEW ROADS. One of my favorite parts of riding with chew is that he will sit on you for 5 hours, then attack you while you are eating and climbing up a hill at mile 85. Not only that but it is a relentless attack for no reason other than to make you chase him as he crests the climb and gets into his damned aero bars. It seriously takes the guy like 80 miles to warm up.

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