Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 block from my house.

If I posted, or even paid attention to every altercation that happens with an over aggressive car driver, this blog would be worse than reading weenie cyclists' power files. However, today was really really special.

Pittsburghers might be familiar with the area. 40th and Liberty. I am headed inbound, down the hill. There is no bike lane here, the bike lane starts on the other side of 40th st. I do this just about everyday and have a routine that I use. I ride just to the right of the white line that divides the straight and right turning lanes. This way, cars can pass me going straight, but the ones slowing to turn right just sit behind me. Usually about 10 feet before the right turn, I move over a position and go straight. If I were to ride the white line, I am sure that cars would pass me on both sides, which is deadly. If I rode to the left, I would slow down the faster moving traffic, and probably be seen as an jerk, because the lanes leading into this intersection are like a 1/4 mile long and it would really be seen as a nuisance. I have never had trouble until today.

Guy passes me really closely just on the other side of 40th street and mouths off to me. I raised my left hand like "whats your deal." A visible shoulder shrug if you will.

He pulls over and jumps out of his car. Amazing. I dont remember all that was said, but I was holding a bag in my right hand, wearing spandex and look cleats, so I didnt exactly look ready to brawl. He ran at me and I put my bike between us. A few choice words were..
"You almost ran into my car" (apparently this was the action that prompted his rage)
"Ill bitch slap you skip"
"I will beat your fucking ass"
"Do you want my driver's license number too? Ill give it to you and still bitch slap you" (this was in response to me just stating his license plate number)

He went on and on and got in my face. We stood belly to belly and I didnt back down at all to him. Usually I wouldnt have been aggressive at all, and I would have avoided any confrontation, but the dude seriously jumped out of his car and ran at me. If I had turned around and started riding the other way, I think that he could have caught me and maybe would have knocked me down.

We stood belly to belly and he was spat on me, told me that he would beat my ass and break my glasses and persistently called me skip. I did get smart with him and say "skip?... really? skip?"

The whole time I was just happy to have the bag in my hand. I had just stopped by the bike shop on my way home from my ride. In my right hand, I had a Sram Force crankset with chainrings. It wasnt in a box or anything, just a bag. I was holding the right crankarm. I dont think that they could have found a better weapon on the set of The Warriors. I was wondering at what point, or if at all I had it in me to ruin this guy's life? I didnt call the guy on, or tell him that I wanted to fight him. I just said "you are really going to fight me right here for swerving in front of you on a bicycle?" To which he said "yes."

I feel bad for the guy. The rage he had was so intense. I have no idea what is going on in his life, but it only would have gotten worse if he had hit me. I maybe should have shown him what was in the bag before he parted ways. Then again, maybe he had a gun.


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

What a fucking retard...

ridin at 4:20 said...

You should have grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards you and gave him a big ole kiss. Yeah, maybe that's kind of gay, but he wouldn't known what to do. He probably would have had a dumb clueless look.

Next time, if you have enough time, quickly pull off your front wheel and hold it in the 9 and 3 position in front of you.

1. It works as a shield if they have a bat or some form of stick.

2. You can very easily use it to swing at them as a weapon.

This safety tip brought to you by me.

Happy riding

ciaCCmo said...

agreed... a fucktard! i hate those people, at the most a discerning head-shake would be sufficient. How much of an inconvenience could you be? maybe he should leave his house just five min. earlier so that he's not in such a rush. you've left your house early enough to ride somewhere and save him some fucking greenhouse gases. I would have liked to read about your new force crank with a new red paint job on it to be honest! those would be some funny headlines, and a seriously awesome weapon.

Anonymous said...

Well played, Skip. That is the exact technique I use in the turn split sitch. Again, you were right to prolly assume he had just come from divorce court or a mortgage forclosure. You were the best easiest vent rage for him. Better to peaceably diffuse. Then the future will be smoother for all.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to happen so much here in the land of concealed carry. Nice too when someone has used there vehicle as a weapon and local 5-0 is on the ride too :-)

Anonymous said...

40th & Liberty?
Obviously he was in a hurry to occupy his usual spot at the Church Brew Works a few blocks away.
The early exit of the Panthers from the NCAA tournament has a few of us still on edge.
Perhaps he was still upset by the lackluster effort the prior night by the Pens out on Long Island.
He would have been quite surprised by the 2 oz cannister of 6 million Scoville units of cap.

Don't say that you were "swerving". Bad move if this goes to Judge Judy.

I'd stay just to the left of the white line, until you get near the intersection where the left hand turning lane comes into play. At that point I'd occupy the through lane. Again, don't swerve. Refer the moron to the PA Driver's Manual (page 34) which he'll need to do to get the points off of his license after he get written up for an unsafe pass.

Jason said...

I hear you man. People are douche bags. No doubt. Would have love to hear of the Force making contact with this dude's skull, but it's probably for the best.

Riding in the sticks is bad enough. I don't miss those days of city riding. Too much rage. I remember having a dude take runs at me in his SUV IN the fucking bike lane. I tried to explain to the guy that the spray painted figure of the cyclist on the road MEANS bike lane, NOT SUV lane, but he wasn't buying it.

Be careful out there.

Lenore said...

that is some intense road rage. good to hear that you got out of it unharmed.

Anonymous said...

try to represent a little better. remove cycling cleats. put bike in safe location. strike driver with crank chainring. briefly look at blood. defend against retaliation (run away).

thank you for representing better next time by being physically aggressive.


-d said...

Good move man. I would have either dropped that crankset into his cheek like Leather Face on crystal meth, or laughed my ass off at him. Both would have changed the situation drastically.

gatta remember though, he is more important than you. You would have known that if you asked.

word verification: maucdy
n. maws-dee :a person that puts others safety at risk in order for to gain time in transit. eg., "some maucdy cut me off then chewed me ut for being on a bike."

Anonymous said...

you and your hippie, gypsy, liberal shit is killing me. you should have put that fucker in a figure four leg lock and ripped his foot off at the ankle.

Stop being a pussy (read: hippie)

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling i would've snapped and turned that new 53 tooth outer ring into a biopace ring on his skull. 25 years of suppressed rage released and then off to phone my attorney! be careful!