Friday, March 21, 2008

Dont wait for the podium for the champagne.

Here is the list of sports where IN COMPETITION alcohol is banned.
I am glad that "boules" made the list, which seems to be french boccie ball.

Alcohol (ethanol) is prohibited In-Competition only, in the following sports.
Detection will be conducted by analysis of breath and/or blood. The doping
violation threshold (haematological values) for each Federation is reported in parenthesis.

• Aeronautic (FAI)
(0.20 g/L)
• Archery (FITA, IPC)
(0.10 g/L)
• Automobile (FIA)
(0.10 g/L)
• Boules (IPC bowls)
(0.10 g/L)
• Karate (WKF)
(0.10 g/L)
• Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) (0.10 g/L)
for disciplines involving shooting
• Motorcycling (FIM)
(0.10 g/L)
• Powerboating (UIM)
(0.30 g/L)

wada website

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Jason said...

I'm really hoping to introduce more alcohol into my racing this year. I figure I couldn't be THAT much worse, and the buzz will at least kill the pain. I hope...