Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doing a mountain bike race on 4/20

Saturday: Race at the lake. I break rule number 1 of cycling and get dropped from the break. The break had the race winners + me in it. A PRO guy called me at least 3 things that cant be said on television. That was awesome. Mayhew and I were wondering if it is just a midwest crit thing or what, but dudes are turbo aggro and talk tons of smack and are really mean to you. I said "oh thats really nice."

Sunday: WVMBA race. I was in 4th place sitting behind a current national champion. Awesome, race is halfway over, Im feeling good. Shocks on a mountain bike rule. I FLATTED. If this were a road race, my day would be over. I would either get a new wheel and draft back on or be done for the day. Its not like that at a mountain bike race. It took me literally 8 minutes to change the tire, that sucked. Some dude gave me a C02 when he saw me wrestling with Gunnar's pump that Gunnar gave me when I realized that I didnt have a pump.(did you follow that?). I couldnt figure out how to use the CO2 so I just stood there until Chris Mcgill tossed me his pump, which unlik gunnars crap pump and my nonexistent pump, actually worked really really well. It didnt suck as bad as the 101 where I had to get the 15MM wrench out to loosen the bolts, but sucked none the less. I get back on my bike and dudes are like "get back up there bro." and other such positive things. Chased back on for like 12th place.

The whole race I was torn between "this is awesome" and "if I crash I might seriously die, there are rocks and tree stumps everywhere."

Yozell had shoefly pie from amish country after the race. It was awesome.

Do I race the NORBA national this weekend and try to win my age group expert, or do I do ephrata and pray to finally get into a lancaster county breakaway?

Any Pittsburghers have tubeless 29'er geared wheels they want to rent me for the next week?


He to the B said...

You know the answer my son. Welcome to the Dark Side. See you at Greenbrier.
I may be able to help you with a rear wheel.

aaron said...

You gotta use the juice man. During the first section of singletrack I was about 10-12 places behind you(different class), but at least 3 folks flatted. I had the Stans in the non-tubeless tires, non-tubeless rims, and it worked great.

Mike said...

Ephrata be full up now.

zayne braun said...

if hebe can help you with a rear wheel, i can help you with a front one. glad you got yourself a 29er and have joined the darkside.

gunn4r said...

Team Bi-atch is there for you Steve0.

You know who we are (Nars, Chrissy, MikeY, and Bunny).
We're all on the DoublePlus-Good side too. It is not a bad Dark. Sometimes "Good Guys (Don't Wear White)".
You'll know us from the trail we leave.

Blame Chris Scott for that lame0 pump.

Best make it down for Cooper's Rock & Road!

gunn4r said...

Check it out,

I left a comment at 11:11!!
Make a wish!

Also wanted to clairify-
You'll know us from the trail we weave.

Sorry for any confusion.