Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GDMBR image dump 2006. MONTANA

Feeling nostalgic. Great divide mountain bike route with longtime friend matt.

Abandoned border crossing. Canada/US border

Glacier National Park in background

Camping at "Jim Creek, Montana" Seriously nothing around for 50 miles.

I just remember how much bear scat was along this climb.

We ate huckleberries on top of huckleberry pass. Careful, the Grizz also loves them.

Reward for climbing, nice views.

Climbing more, always climbing more.

Getting water to drink

BEARS!!!!!!!!! oh no, just cows.

VERY near the unabomber's driveway

"uh lets just camp here on the side of the road"


Tunnel from 1911

Old mill that was on top of a mountain.


Ghost town that was once the capital. Gallows and everything.

I think this was the only bear bag we did well.

Another view

6368' seemed high at the time. 4th divide crossing.

Southern MT gets dusty.

1 state down 4 to go.

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Chris Mayhew said...

Tell everyone how you spend 72 hours in the same chamois.