Friday, April 11, 2008

Practical applications of old news.

The prices of everything is going up. Blah blah blah. Everyday NPR has like three stories about truckers honking at the white house over diesel costs, or a broom factory in Georgia that cant afford to ship their brooms anymore etc etc. It is like a national version of the local news, they keep rebroadcasting the same story over and over with a different company name or type of business.

It really hit home today. For year I have gone into Brueggers Bagels and bought day old bagels. 6 of them for 2 dollars, awesome deal. When I have the time, I ride around downtown on a Thursday or Friday, hitting all the shops looking for whole wheat. Today 7th ave had them on my first stop. Sweet.

1.99 even. No tax on groceries.

"That will be 2.49 please"
"ouch when did that happen?"
"Oh... all of our prices went up recently..."
"How much is a single bagel now?"
"99 cents"

HOLY GOD A BAGEL IS NOW 99 CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

50 cents over 6 bagels is trivial. But a 188% increase in the cost of a single bagel over 5 years (I think they were 55 cents 5 years ago) is ridiculous.

Dear NPR: please do a story on how bagels are now a dollar?


Anonymous said...

Dear Steevo,
We would love to do a story on bagels for you, but we here at NPR have also felt the crunch, we now charge 50 cents for requests. Yes I know that we are considered "free" but we have not received your last donation. So please send your 50 cents and we will be glad to run a story on the price hike of bagels


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

dude, you're too fucking skinny anyway.

buy doughnuts.


Lenore said...

i don't know about pittsburgh but there's too much bread around philly to pay for it.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Hey Steevo - I just saw that one of the Steely McBeam guys got kicked off the team for being charged with drunk driving (in stark contrast to James Harrison). Anyway, I was thinking, you should see if you can talk Babik into applying for the job...he'd be a great Steely, and he'd get to go to all the Stiller games for free.

Hey - I'm going to be in town the Friday before memorial day for you want to try to hook up and do a ride? I promise I won't crash you.


steevo said...

is that beaver race happening?

Anonymous said...

you think you got it bad.. shit is hitting the fan in the rest of the world.. fucking food riots, grain prices up 120%,... this world is tanking.. get it whilst you can... RS

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

I saw it on the pca calendar earlier this year, but looking around now I don't see it.

Oh well, I'll be in town that week end anyway, so if you want to ride let me know...

Anonymous said...

At the Pasadena airport I bought a single plain bagel for $3.49! I guess they assumed you'd get some sort of topping (cream cheese or whatever), but mine was just plain. When the cashier insisted on the price, I practically screamed at him. was expensed, of course.

mathamagician said...

an increase from $.55 to $.99 is a $.44 increase, which is 80%, not 188%.