Sunday, January 25, 2009

9.5 pounds of clothing.

So yesterday was a 4:00 - 4:45 death march. We hit three counties. The low was 18, with windchill it was like 7 or something. I finished the ride warm, with warm feet and hands. Here is the listing from the ground up. After the ride, Babik weighed himself dressed and then undressed. The difference for him - 9.5lbs.

- 1 pair cannondale wicking socks
- 1 pair Defeet woolie boolie socks
- 1 pair diadora road shoes
- 1 pair bellweather booties
- 1 pair of potenza booties
(2 socks, 2 booties

- 1 pair salsa fleece lined bib knickers
- 1 pair Pearl Izumi fleece tights (6 years old now)
(tights over knickers with high socks leaves 2 inches or so with only a single layer)

-Patagonia long sleeved base layer
-Standard short sleeve cycling jersey
-Pearl izumi fleece arm warmers
-Old wool cycling jersey long sleeve
-Sleeveless old navigators vest. No mesh backing
-Voler GPOA winter jacket
-Louis Graneau yellow total fred thermal vest (got form a thrift store 3 dollars)
(6 layers. 6 zippers ughh)

-dollar store magic gloves
-wool winter gloves
-Pearl Izumi amphib full finger gloves
(3 pairs of gloves)

-homemade "dickie" where I cut the top off of an old winter had and pull it around my neck. It was double thick so I can pull half of it over my face for descents.
-Winter hat on my head that pulls down super low over my forehead
-of course a helmet.



Reddan said... like yesterday is one of the few times I'm happy to be a fat guy. I got away with half the layers you did...hahaha.

(Of course, I still probably outweighed you by 75 lbs, so I should shut up now.)

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Steve - we were all pretty sure that you had a home made dickie.

Thanks for confirming.


Spice said...

What about Ed's SportsBalm?

me yesterday:

1 Nalini long sleeve jersey
1 Nalini Winter Jacket
1 nalini winter bib tight
2 pairs of Nalini booties
1 pr nalini summer socks
1 Pearl Izumi Lobster gloves
1 windstopper cap w/helmet
2inch thickness of the "Balm" (hot) full body coverage per Ed's Advice.

I was sweating on a 3 hour ride.

Mike said...

Hey buddy, I'm gonna have to ask you to give that jacket back now. Thanks buddy.

Sounds pretty brutal. It was sunny and not so bad here on Sunday in Philly.