Friday, January 09, 2009

Somali Holiday Party Part 3

This is the third year that we have thrown a party for the kids. We had 13 total that all live within 2 blocks of our house. I love these kids.

Lots of kids singing.

My buddy giving me a hug. His little brother posing in the corner.

Ramazani loves showing his muscles.


A crazy man dressed as santa!

Fortuna got some clothes.

The teenage boys got clothes.

And Ramazani got a sword that lights up.

Brehemu going wild on the cake! NOTE TURNER IN BACKGROUND.

Possibly the most black people in Brentwood at once. .54% asian. .54% black. .24% Native American!


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Dude, I can't believe you'd be caught dead in a Bicycle Therapy t-shirt.

Those guys were such fags!


Jernigan said...

Dude...thats rad that you and Amy do that for those kids. Your efforts are the most genuine thing I've seen anyone do this Holiday season!

Totally awesome!

Lenore said...


Anonymous said...

As epic as being in Florence, PA on New years day, was being on middle road extension last night at 5 with an inch of snow on the road (still an hour from home). I rode down to the city and knocked on Babik's door to tell him that he should sell his bike to buy movies for his blueray player (he wasn't there at 3:30ish, more proof that he doesn't work). What would be even more epic than that is if you are doing the city park loop on a 'cross bike today. Is it happening?


Anonymous said...

we weren`t all fags...

Fred said...

Easily the best I've seen this Holiday season. Imagine the positive impact you've already had on these kids. Nice!

Anonymous said...

you are the man steve!! way to go!! keep spreading the love!
the best to you and amy happy new year!

twobeans said...

great photos! how cool, you all look really happy, very nice!