Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Up here in space.... it's steeler country

Let me be clear with this. I am not a football fan. I am, however, a steeler fan. There is a world of difference. I dont care about other teams. I dont know other players. I dont know the jargon or the lingo. I dont watch sports center.

Pittsburgh is amazing because it is one of the few places (that I know of) that when you are away from, you bond with other people who are also from there. I dont think that there are many other cities that people have as much pride in. There is a lot more to be proud of than football.

A block from my house, there is a sign talking about the railroad strike that occurred in the strip. The strikers had a strike, the management called in the Pinkertons, a private militia, and they killed a bunch of people.

Instead of this having the effect desired by management, it had the opposite. The sign near my house says that one out of three residents in Pittsburgh chased the Pinkertons east, and they sought refuge at the Allegheny Arsenal (one block from my house). The troops at the arsenal said "no way" and the mob literally ran the strike breakers out of town.

The blue collar ethic still stands in Pittsburgh, and Pittsburghers still have more pride than anywhere else I have seen (sans maybe canada?).

Anyway:click this to see a terrible towl in outerspace.


zak said...

iv been explaining this to people alot lately. well put.

andy said...

and as a pittsburgh-dude living in Canada (though I think Canadians think of Vancouver as not-Canada, oh this is all so confusing...), I gotta say Pittsburgh wins it hands down. And I've bonded with Pittsburghers in Delhi, Bangkok and Vancouver.
Well put Steevo!