Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear 20 year old me... please come kick my ass.

Because here is a picture of my trimmed out hardwood floors, tiled window sill (with plant in earth toned plant holder and all), and my carbon fiber racing bicycle with carbon fiber seat post and tubes that are octagonal or something and a back wheel that literally costs 1/4 of what I made in the calendar year 2000.Also I just had a bagel that I didnt find in the trash and paid about 60 cents for. I must say that the white hoods and tape are more of a joke, Ed gave me the white stuff and it could just be called "before.jpg" and then I can give it a week and take a picture of how nasty I get it.

Fun now: Taping my power tap wires so you cant see them and it looks wireless.

Fun in 2000: Riding bikes from city pool to city pool all night,until getting chased by police, then hanging things from the wires.

When will Amy upload the photos from mt evans?


Ben said...

You know what you NEED are carbon fiber chainrings.

reverend dick said...

I'm with your 20 year old self on this one.

Matt! said...

Relatively, you are punker now. You don't work a 9-5, you don't pay a landlord and you do something you love all the time.
On the great chart of punk decline that follows people from their teens through their 30's, your line isn't very steep.
Or maybe this is just bullshit so I can compare myself with you and feel more punk!
(and everyone else probably wonders why the fuck we care about these things)

Jernigan said...

Euro-tastic...but you're missing a cage?

Anal retentive said...

Those floors are pine, not hardwood.

Anonymous said...

what's the story behind the cup on the floor???

steevo said...

Geronimo! you have the eyes! When I downloaded that I was like "wtf?" i must have knocked it down moving my bike and not noticed.